Vibe Beauty

  • Consumers worldwide are going green and this is especially true in the cosmetics market. Our company is engaged in advanced research of plant-derived peptides, encapsulated actives, active plant stem cells, complex extraction processes, and clinical testing to deliver products that are acceptable to the well-informed customers around the world. Our company is translating the ancient ayurvedic recipes into modern easy to use formats with superior quality.

    Our Mission

    To provide affordable, effective skin care formulas using the most natural and ethically grown ingredients possible while staying true to real Ayurvedic Principles.

    The parameters were clear: the products must be all natural, they must be Dosha specific, and they must contain potent (but gentle) Ayurvedic herbs. From these guidelines Vibe was born, starting out only with a cleanser and oil for each Dosha. The Vibe product line continues to grow steadily by continually working on new skin, body and hair care items based on real Ayurvedic principles.

    Our list of beauty treatments are here as below:


    In Ayurveda, Skin care abhyanga is followed by ubtan, a skin cleansing therapeutic massage with herbal pastes that cleanses & clears the skin by drawing heat from the blood, stimulates lymph flow, exfoliates the skin & tones the body. The herbal paste or ubtan breaks down the congested toxins & release them naturally.


    Ayurveda emphasizes beauty from within, a beauty that comes from health & well being, not from cosmetics or anything that tries to cover up the true you.

    Vibe Miracle Spice Facial (Skin Rejuvenation )

    The miracle spice facial rejuvenates the facial skin as it naturally contains steroidal saponins that resemble some of the body’s own sex hormones.

    Vibe Radiance Facial (Skin Soft & Radiant)

    The radiance facial helps the skin to soften, tones up facial muscles & have more facial glow.

    Vibe Refining Facial (Skin Cleansing & Exfoliation)

    The refining facial helps to slough off the old skin, softens & smoothens the facial skin. This facial is the best natural way to cleanse & exfoliate the skin due to the enzymes present in the herbs used in this facial.

    Vibe Vata Facial (For Dry Skin)

    The Vata Facial conditions the dry skin & leaves it supple and radiant.

    Vibe Pitta Facial (For Normal Skin)

    The Pitta Facial softens, tones & refreshes the facial skin. This facial cools the skin & extracts heat toxins.

    Vibe Kapha Facial (For Oily Skin)

    The Kapha Facial helps the spots, clears blemishes on the face. It deep-cleanses, tones & mosturises at the same time. This facial stimulates the skin to reduce water & accommodates natural lymph flow.

    Mukha Abhayangam (Ayurvedic Facials for Face & Neck)

    Mukhralepa, a holistic facial is perfect for maintaining skin tone, targets areas of aging or acne, cleanse, detoxify & nourish skin to enhance beauty from within & results in glowing, radiant skin.

    Eyes (Netra Tarpan)

    Vibe Under Eye Dark circles/Puffiness/Wrinkles Therapy

    Vibe Hot Eyes Therapy (For Sun Burnt Eyes)

    Hair (Kesha)

    • Kesha Saundaraya at Vibe (Hair Beauty)
    • Shirobasti (Head Oil Massage & Fomentation)
    • Shirolepa ( Herbal Paste on Head For Hair Problems)
    • Vibe’s Kesh Palitya Therapy (For Premature Grey Hair)
    • Vibe’s Kesh Patan Therapy (For Falling Hair )
    • This therapy boosts the blood circulation, stimulates the cells to produce new hair growth, nourishes the root of the hair & prevents hair loss.
    • Vibe ‘s Ruksha Kesh Therapy (For Dry Hair)
    • Vibe’s Prana Hair Therapy (For nourishing healthy hair)


    • Eyebrow Threading
    • Upper lip
    • Half Arms Wax
    • Full Arms Wax
    • Under Arms Wax
    • Half Legs Wax
    • Full Legs Wax