Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Therapy for Relieving The Symptoms of Diseases

    Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy is largely based on the concepts of classical Keraliya Pancha Karma of Ayurveda but on very simple basis. Keraliya Pancha Karma incorporates following five procedures:

    1. Dhara Karma – Sirodhara

    Continuously Panchakarma of stream of medicated oil, decoction, milk or butter milk etc. on the forehead of the patient from a specified height, for a specified time period is termed as Sirodhara or Sirahaseka or Murdhaseka. This procedure is practised as –

    • Head bath (Murdha Dhara)
    • Whole body bath (Sarvanga Dhara)
    • Local bath (Ekanga Dhara)

    Sirha (Head) is one of the most vital parts (Manna) of the body and is considered as a route of all motor (vo1uantary or involuntary) and sensory activities of body. Therefore regulations of functions of it are the key of management of all Psychosomatic and Neurological disorders.

    2. Pinda Sveda

    Pinda Sveda or Navarakizi is one of the most important procedures of Keraliya Pancha Karma. In this process formentation is carried out by application of Pinda (bolus containing medications) on the body with gentle massage by it. It is based on the principle of Sandra Sveda as described in Ayurveda, which is one of the 13 types of Sagni Sveda, as described by Acarya Caraka.

    3. Kaya Seka

    It is the most popular amongst Keraliya Pancha Karma therapy. This procedure provides simultaneous Senhana and Svedana. In Hindi this is called as Kaya Seka. Kaya Seka is the specialised procedure in which whole body is oleated and fomented with lukewarm medicated oils.

    4. Anna Lepa

    Annalepa means application of rice paste all over the body. It may be considered as a type of Upanaha or Pradeha in broader sense.

    5. Siro Lepa

    Sirolepa means application of medicated paste on the scalp. In Ayurvedic classics a description regarding use of Sirolepa in the management of “Urdhava Jatrugata Roga” is available. In addition to these many other practices are being used in Kerala, but those practices can be categorised under these five major components.

    Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapies are mainly based on the principles of Purva Karmas i.e. Snehana (Oleation) and Svedana (Fomentation/Sudation) of Classical Pancha Karma. The term “Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy” denotes collective measures and procedures highly popularized because of their continuous and effective clinical practice since hundreds of years by traditional Vaidyas, owing to their simplicity and efficacy.

    General Considerations about Classical Pancha Karma Therapy and Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy

    Classical Panchakarma are essentially purificatory procedures, whilst Keraliya Pancha Karmas are essentially palliative procedures. Classical Pancha Karmas (except Anuvasana Vasti) induce ‘Langhana’ while Keraliya Paiica Karmas lead to ‘Brhamana’ in the body.