• Our Ayurvedic Treatments

    Vibe Ayurveda not only specialises in Panchkarma and Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy but also provide various ayurvedic treatments for Obesity and Weight Loss, Stress, Psoriasis, Beauty and Skin care, Back ache, nervous disorders, Insomnia, Constipation, Joint Pains and Parkinson’s disease. Please contact us at +61 3 88061533 or +61 433 175 178 in person to book your appointment.

    The list of various treatments available here are given below:

    1. Panchakarma (Five Bio-purificatory cleansing procedures)
      • Full Body Ayurvedic Massage (Snehana)
      • Full Body Wet Steam Sauna(Swedana)
      • Emesis(Vaman)
      • Purgation(Virechana)
      • Oil Enema/ Medicated Enema(Basti)
    2. Keraliya Pancha Karma Therapy