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    The pain developed slowly over time and became more frequent with days in bed, very low energy and kept awake during the night for up to 4 hours in extreme pain. After various doctor visits and MRI scan was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some days my hands were so swollen and painful, I couldn’t do up shirt buttons or pick up anything. I was referred to a top Rheumatologist. He initially prescribed strong pain killers which did nothing, then progressed to Methetrexate auto immune suppressant medication with Folate to minimise mouth ulcer side effects and Cortisone, together with monthly blood tests to check for undesirable side effects such as kidney problems or leukaemia. The Cortisone eliminated the pain immediately, but after 6 months I needed to take cortisone more frequently and folate daily due to worsening mouth ulcers. During Winter 2011 the medication became less and less effective. I was in despair over the pain and the effect of the medication on mental state, struggling at work, unable to go to the gym or surfing or windsurfing which I love to do. I searched on line for alternatives, but came across nothing which seemed to hold any promise of an effective solution. In September 2011 an acquaintance mentioned he had recently met an artist friend who had stopped painting due to rheumatoid arthritis but recently restarted following successful treatment by an Indian doctor. I contacted his friend to find out more and was convinced to consult Dr. Vanita.

    I have stuck to what Dr. Vanita advised exactly including diet changes, twice daily herbal medicines, many visits for various massage, steam and other treatments taking a up to an hour travel each way. I came off the methetrexate and cortisone more or less immediately, since the treatments aim to purge the drugs out of the system and treat the cause, not the symptoms. The pain was managed reasonable well initially with the treatments and herbal medicines and occasional use of Aspirin and Neurofen. The diet is often inconvenient, treatments time consuming and the medication is occasionally unpleasant, but the thought of the pain and a future with Rheumatoid Arthritis if this did not work provided the necessary discipline to stick strictly to Dr. Vanita’s advice. During the first six months the pain was volatile at times as the treatments started to take effect, however gradually the pain and incidences of being woken up at night became very infrequent and eventually stopped and energy started to come back. I have been pain free now for nearly 18 months and take no drugs, no aspirin and no Neurofen. In August 2013 I went to Maui for 3 weeks had an incredible time and windsurfed every day for 3 to 4 hours in strenuous trade wind conditions with no pain. If I was taking conventional medicine, I am 100% certain there is no way I would have had the energy and lack of pain to do that trip. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Vanita for all she has done and support through the difficult times. She says I have another year of treatments, albeit less frequent, for 100% recovery. My cure to date is due to the fact I stuck strictly to the diet, medication and lifestyle changes and saw through all the treatments no matter how inconvenient.

    William Northwood

    Ayurveda’s Panchkarma treatment at Vibe Therapy has been a blessing. It’s made me a healthier person when I lost all hopes of reducing my weight while maintaining my love of food and getting fit without body pains.
    I had been a chronic arthritis patient for the last two decades and had knee replacement surgery three years back. Due to my age, busy work routine and arthritis pains, I found it difficult to exercise regularly. The result was that my doctor declared I was obese. Just around the same time my niece recommended I should visit Dr. Vanita Sharma for Ayurveda’s Panchkarma treatment at Vibe Therapies.

    I was very impressed with Vanita’s diagnosis and felt encouraged by the various processes of the proposed treatment. I made up mind on the spot to go through the Panchkarma Treatment. I also remained very positive throughout the treatment. The result, after three months was a concrete reduction in weight by about 6 Kg and change in my food choices and eating habits that are more apt for my body type (without missing what I can’t eat!). My physiological test reports have also shown remarkable improvement in arthritis with much reduction in my intake of pain killers.

    Until now I had only heard about the Panchkarma treatment but now it has become a part of my life style. I consider myself fortunate that I’ve experienced this ancient Indian herbal based but scientific treatment for better health of body and mind.

    Vanita and her team are very pleasant and provide treatment to suit one’s specific requirements. Congratulations and thanks to them for their wonderful services and that nice masala tea that we often get to drink before or after the treatment.

    Pramila Gupta

    I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous therapeutic treatments and services that was provided to me. I underwent a 40 day transformation programme which included Basti the herbal oil treatment to help eliminate toxins together with the dry massage and sirodhara treatments which was ‘bellissimo’. I now have more energy, feel de-stressed and have a much happier body.

    All the treatments have a purpose and tailored program, made according to your diagnosis from Dr Vanita. The staff are friendly and Sumen my massage therapist was sensational and very helpful!

    Penny Robinson

    “After taking fourteen days of Shirodhara treatment, I feel much better- clear, optimistic & grounded. Dr Vanita Sharma & her team of masseurs were simply great. I highly recommend Shirodhara for anyone who is suffering from anxiety, depression & physical illness. It really works wonders!”

    Ian Cameron

    Dr. Vanita Sharma has been a student of mine at university studying her Masters, since July 2012.In February 2013, I began receiving treatment from her, to help me relieve stress and lose weight, the result of a typically busy and sedentary lifestyle. After an initial consultation to determine my constitution, she designed an individual diet program with a series of treatments to help me relax and relieve my tension, lose some weight and generally help me restore my natural balance.

    Six months later, following her series of tri-weekly treatments, my energy levels have increased and I am feeling refreshed, relaxed and more focused, allowing me to be more productive throughout my day, not just with work, but with my lifestyle in general.

    Having increased focus and awareness has helped me towards achieving a more balanced lifestyle leading to a healthier life.

    In fact, after taking a blood test recently, I am in better health than I was two years ago, (when I took my last blood test), including lower cholesterol levels and a lower potential as a diabetes candidate, (which even shocked the doctor). This is a result from an improved diet that reflects my constitution and better lifestyle management through Dr. Vanita’s treatments and her program.

    I sincerely believe taking a proactive approach through prevention is a better than a reactive approach through cures and medicines. Thus, I would recommend Dr. Vanita’s treatments and programs to anyone wanting to restore their balance to a more “natural” state as well as relieving stress, increasing their energy levels and generally increasing their personal wellbeing.

    Tobi N

    After 2 years of trying western medications prescribed by my doctor which did not help, I opted to try an ayurvedic approach to managing my health. Dr. Vanita immediately told me on my first consultation that various herbal medicines and panchkarma therapies would bring me relief. After nearly a year of seeing Dr. Vanita, I am symptom free and feeling better than ever. I would recommend anyone with health issues to consult Dr. Vanita for great results and relief.

    J.D. Melbourne

    With Emesis I felt rejuvenated again, it helped my Diabetes, Hunger, generally cleaned my gut. Thanks Dr. Vanita.

    K. K. Melbourne

    l was looking for a traditional therapy that would restore vitality and strength to my body. A treatment which would cleanse the years of bad habits and provide a foundation upon which I could build my future health. Vibe Ayurvedas and Dr. Vanita Sharma prescribed the Panchakarma therapy. I found the treatment effective and the staff very caring and professional. I have lost kgs of weight, my body is lighter and supple, my mind is sharper and I feel fantastic.

    Dr Richard Shrapnel Ph.D

    “Dear Vanita,

    When I came to see you for a diagnosis I really had no intention of seeking treatment, as I live a long way from Melbourne and I thought it would be expensive. However, I was so impressed with the way you did the pulse diagnosis and told me exactly what my health issues were, that I immediately wanted to find a way to stay and do Panchakarma at your clinic. I have seen many alternative health practitioners over the years, but none seemed to instantly understand my health issues like you did.

    So I decided to stay and do the treatment you prescribed, and I’m happy to say that it has changed my life.

    The main difference I feel is happiness. Whereas before I was just struggling through the days feeling frustrated, and feeling like I was not achieving much, now I love my life, I love what I’m doing and I love where I’m headed. I feel clear in the head, able to process thoughts and emotions more easily, and I’m not constantly living in a ‘fog’ anymore. I sleep better, my digestion is better, and I love spending time with my daughter every chance I get, whereas before I would often find it a chore. I am definitely calmer, and I don’t react to small problems and make them into big issues like I used to.

    I have a lot to thank your staff for. Sunita, Minal, Anna and Kumari were the healing hands who completed my treatments, and their professionalism, care, calmness, energy and love were all instrumental in my returning good health. I felt calm and relaxed whenever I came into your clinic, a reflection of the beautiful atmosphere you have in there. I feel like panchakarma is something EVERYONE should do, regardless of age, health and lifestyle. I know my husband is very keen to be the next one to receive a treatment.

    I thank you once again,”

    Emily Stokes

    “The special oil treatment you have given me for my psoriasis has been very successful in controlling the dryness, redness and itchiness that is so painful when it appears. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you!Two months ago I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. The first thing that came to mind is to go to Vanita, to get treatment for it. The antibiotic and disinfectant powder for mouthwash and the special tooth powder you gave me is keeping my mouth free of infection and free of pain.

    Anyone who has these disease needs safe and very effective treatments and great care you provide toward your patients Vanita. They really do work.”