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Last year I happen to see a documentary on television on Ayurvedic medicine and it inspired me to explore this option to help me with my terrible migraines.

I saw Doctor Vanita Sharma on a morning program and was thrilled to find that she practised here in Melbourne and I made an appointment to see her. After a consultation we arranged that I would start attending the clinic the following week and my health started to improve immediately. Dr Sharma tailored an individual health plan for me including various treatments and herbs.

All of the staff at Vibe Ayurvedas without exception are caring compassionate and kind.

My search for improved health has taken me to all aspects of medicine and I even have a nerve stimulator in my chest with leads to my spine and skull, yet just three months with Dr Sharma and her team I am feeling better than I have in many years.

How I wish I had known Dr Sharma before my various surgeries. Thank you to Dr Sharma and her wonderful team.

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