Yoga & Meditation (Yog & Dhyana)

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    “Yogashach Chitt Vriddhi Nirodha” – Sage Patanjali

    The controlling of the eight states of mind:

    1. Yama( self control)
    2. Niyam(Regulation)
    3. Asana(Control of the limbs or Posture)
    4. Pranayama( Controlled or Deep Breathing)
    5. Pratyahara (Withdrawl of the mind)
    6. Dhyana( Meditation)
    7. Dharna(State of autohypnosis without external suggestion)
    8. Samadhi(Super Conscious State)


    ‘Yog’ originated from the word ‘Yuj’ which means a union of mind, body & soul. Yoga is a branch of Ayurveda.

    At Vibe, Yog is practised in a regular routine classes & retreats are organised. It’s a ‘connection Yoga’ where we create ‘Harshana’ which means happiness to achieve the ultimate calm & create confidence. We practice Hatha Yoga, deep breathing ‘Pranayama’ & Meditation( Dhyana). Sun Salutation ‘Surya Namaskar’ & the Asanas.

    Yog is a practice to maintain good health, prevent illness & to achieve the ultimate by attuning the Chakras.

    Yoga should be started in the early ages, right from your childhood as it improves focus, concentration & the memory in the growing age for a balanced & calm mind.

    We have an availability in different groups during the week. Regular classes are run throughout the week.

    Please inquire at 03 8060 2154 | 0433 175 178 & check the availability.

    • Morning sessions are from 11am till 12pm week days – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for one hour.
    • Evening sessions are from 5pm till 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for one hour.
    • Special Kids Yoga classes are held separately on Friday from 4:30pm-5:30pm & 5:30pm-6:30pm.
    • Special one to one pre-natal & post-natal yoga.