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  • Ayurvedic Therapies

    Pulse Diagnosis

    Pulse Diagnosis is done empty stomach, without eating first thing in the morning, provide lifestyle instructions and a Ayurvedic Diet Plan in the preliminary consultation. As the matter is made up of five elements (Air, Fire, Water, Ether and Earth ) similar way our body is made up of five elements, so its all about bringing balance in the imbalanced constituents of the body.

    Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

    Vibe Ayurveda offers a traditional Indian massage with an Ayurveda herbal massage oils tailored for individual needs with a therapeutic value. Ayurveda massage incorporates Marma Points which are vital points in the body to open up the body channels and relax the tense muscles but helps in treating certain medical conditions along with de- stressing and relaxation. Various studies and researches have been done looking at the efficacy of Massage Therapy. Multiple studies provide an evidence of efficacy of massage therapy in conditions like Anxiety, Stress, Dementia Management (Behavioral and Psychological symptoms), Insomnia and for relaxation therapy.

    Reduction in the symptoms of Post-Natal Depression, Infant distress, significant growth and development in a new-born, improved interaction in mother and an infant are some of the benefits reported during the studies for effectiveness of massage therapy.

    Indian Head Massage

    This Massage is one of the most popular massage that is offered at Vibe Ayurveda and various different Massage centres for relaxing the mind, Insomnia, Headaches, Hair loss problems, Grey hair and many different nervous disorders.

    Along with the massages there is various other Ayurvedic treatments and bio-purificatory procedures and different holistic health services that are offered in the centre depending on the individual need.