Discover Natural Beauty through Traditional Ayurveda

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Ayurveda an ancient timeless wisdom, that beauty and well being within and could not be achieved through anything that covers who truly you are. It is a practice based on centuries of careful observation and interpretation. Ayurveda teaches how to be healthy, happy and radiant with beauty.

Ayurveda, a cross-road between the modern life and the ancient tradition helps in cultivating radiance, well being and beauty that everyone longs for. Ayurvedic beauty treatments include skin care, diet massage and exercise routines customized for each individual according to the specific needs.

Ayurveda teaches that health and beauty are the life forces due to powerful energy orojas in every person and which brings bliss happiness, radiance or a glowing complexion shiny eyes or an inner beauty. Ayurvedic routines followed on daily basis (called Dincharya) and seasonally (called ritucharya) helps us to stay in balance. If we live in harmony and in tune with universal laws of nature the inner beauty unfolds naturally and protects our body and mind against unhealthy influences.

An Ayurvedic Doctor can accurately determine and identify your constitution (prakruti), or your nature (vata, pitta, kapha) which could help you in routine for yourself-care basically to predict your skin type.

Ayurveda emphasizes on inner beauty rather than the one that comes from cosmetics or anything that hides or masks your true self. Easy daily routines for skin care, hands, feet, hair and eyes helps in balancing the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) and increase vitality (ojas). Ayurvedic natural beauty treatments emphasizes that health and beauty go hand in hand. It includes waking up early, cleansing, bathing, exercise (Yoga) and a soothing self-applied oil massage (Abhyangam), spending few minutes for yourself and appreciating the gift of health.

Ayurveda teaches daily and weekly skin care practices for glowing skin with inner and outer health, which in return helps in stimulating and cleansing the blood and lymph (primary fluids) that fees the skin. Regardless of Ayurvedic skin type, everyone experiences fluctuations in skin from day to day and season to season, an ayurvedic   oil massage nourishes the skin and considers a best beauty secret we have. Ayurvedic abhyanga oil is prepared from traditional Indian herbs and various ayurvedic herbal extracts are available in the form of creames, oils and moisturizers. Abhyangam is a daily full body massage but for a maximum benefit at least focus on head, face, hands and feet.


  • VATA- Ghee or Sesame base oil
  • PITTA – Ghee, Coconut oil or sunflower based oil
  • KAPHA – Mustard base oil


  • VATA- Turmeric root powder, fresh ginger, lotus root, basil, cloves, fresh orange peel.
  • PITTA- Turmeric root powder, licorice root, lemon grass,
  • KAPHA- Turmeric root powder, whole black pepper corns, fresh ginger, fresh lemon,  peel and cloves

These could be used single or in any combination.

Ayurvedic skin- care routine, abhyanga is followed by ubtan (Paste prepared from herbs, flours or coarse grind of legumes). It exfoliates the skin and firms the body. Traditional utan paste is prepared from traditional herbs like manjishtha and sandalwood that shed toxins naturally. Ubtan paste are even use on new born babies to cleans them of impurities and strengthen their co-ordination. Ubtan cleansers should be applied all over the body and left over 10-15minutes until it begins to dry and then rub it off.

Ayurveda and yoga are sister disciplines. A tranquil mind and body free of stress and tension is the ultimate beauty secret. So practicing yoga and pranaya (Breathing exercise) in a daily routine or getting Shirodhara (oil dripping on the forehead) (Panchkarma procedure) done to release stress and results in a good glowing skin, good mood and new sense of serenity.

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