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Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of alternative medicine, which is extremely efficient when it comes to balancing one’s well-being and developing spiritual potential. The basic concept of Ayurveda is that all matter is made up of the five elements: air, water, space, earth and fire. However, these concepts do not exist separately – they are always a combination of each other, with one or two elements dominating a given life form.

Apart from the five basic elements, there are the Doshas, which are spiritual principles, reflected in each and everybody on earth. Doshas exist as kapha, pitta, and vata, and they are “in charge” of the nervous system, metabolism and bodily fluids, respectively. When the three Doshas work together creating harmony, an individual’s well-being is guaranteed. This is precisely what one should strive for by embracing Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Anyone who thinks about living life by Ayurveda should bear in mind the following notions.

  1. Nutrition: This is the very beginning of a proper Ayurvedic lifestyle. Food does have an amazing power of healing, and can prevent and cure many illnesses. You should avoid frozen and fried meals, and replace them with freshly cooked food. Caffeine can be replaced with herbal teas. When eating, take your time and do not hurry. Do not talk or laugh during meals. After the meal, sit quietly and peacefully for a couple of minutes. This is the proper way to boost your metabolism and enable the body to re-energize. Water boiled with cumin seeds is a great addition to the meal and is helpful in digestion
  1. Take care of your body: It is not enough to simply get up in the morning and go to work. You should take the time to really watch over your body, because it is your most important asset. Early mornings are excellent for re-charging and starting off on the right note. Develop your own rituals, and follow them regularly. Personal hygiene is also very important, so be sure to brush your teeth and bathe/wash up on a regular basis. This way, your body will remember how you treat it, and respond with an equal amount of positive energy.
  1. Be kind and keep it simple: This principle revolves around the basics of Ayurvedic lifestyle. You should treat all your fellow beings with sympathy and good will. Have time for your friends, your colleagues and even your pets. The love and kindness invested will return to you, enriching your life and providing you with more energy. Be just, and refrain from over-complicating your own life. Remember – beauty is hidden in the simplest of things. It is the true way of Ayurveda.

This is only the groundwork for implementing of Ayurveda into your lifestyle. In order for it to become an inseparable part of your personality, you have to remember that the essence of Ayurveda is not just one element, or two of them- Ayurveda requires combination and balance. Only by using all Ayurvedic elements and properly combining them will you achieve the state of absolute harmony. It is, possible for an individual to attain this state of absolute harmony by incorporating Ayurveda into the daily affairs of life.

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