Ayurveda – a perfect solution for stress

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From the moment you wake up in the morning you are exposed to external environmental conditions that in turn effect the internal environment of your body.  Whether it is the TV or radio, the people you speak to, the food you eat for breakfast or the car exhaust fumes you inhale in the morning traffic. The influences we are exposed to every day of our lives are endless and go on until our head hits the pillow at night.

In today’s busy society our bodies are working overtime trying to digest all of these experiences.  The more stressful the experience on your body, the harder it has to work to deal with the change that has happened internally. The more healthy and in balance your body is, the better equipped it is to cope.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing science that looks at your own individual constitution and how you can maintain optimum balance through diet, lifestyle and natural therapies.  It is about getting to know the natural tendencies that you are born with and these incorporate physical, mental and spiritual characteristics.  By learning the best ways to deal with our own body we can help combat all health issues, one of the most frequent in Western society being stress.  Stress is caused from many different factors, one being not adequately processing the external environment factors and repressing them somewhere in the body.  Often these are repressed as emotional blocks and when they are continually manifesting and not being dealt with, they aggravate the body in a physical manner and in turn cause more serious illnesses and diseases like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Depression, Migraine headaches, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy and heart diseases etc. But Ayurveda has an answer for all.

One of the most beneficial treatments for moving all of these stagnant blockages is massage.  Ayurvedic massage is one of a series of different types of panchakarma therapies that will benefit any person in combating stress. Keraliya Panchakarma is a traditional course of Ayurvedic treatment that removes toxins from the body which have built up when our system can’t digest things properly (whether this is food or experiences).  Shirodhara is another panchakarma treatment where the patient lies with a stream of warm oil constantly flowing over the marma points on their forehead.  This treatment is extremely beneficial for calming the whole nervous system, increasing circulation and once again releasing anything that is manifesting somewhere and causing us harm. Another panchakarma therapy is a kati vasti – a dough wall is built around the spinal joint and filled with warm oil which in turn lubricates the joints and can relieve joint pain.  This treatment has seen immediate results for lower back pain – another common problem brought on by stress.

Our lives are on a constant wave of ups and downs.  There is no such thing as being in perfect health but we should definitely strive toward getting to know our self and our health patterns and try to ride the wave of life rather than be continually dumped in the whitewash!  Through these Ayurvedic treatments and through discovering the best diet and lifestyle to suit your body’s needs, you can truly transform yourself and maintain a balance you never believed possible before.

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