Dr. Vanita Sharma

  • Ayurvedic Doctor & Vice President in Australasian Association of Ayurveda

    BAMS, PG Dip in Naturopathy & Yoga, Panchakarma Specialis

    About Vanita Sharma…

    Dr Vanita Sharma is:
    - Vice President AAA
    - Deputy Chair IRC AISC Complementary Health Skills IQ Australia

    Hailing from a family of five generations of Ayurvedic physicians, Dr Vanita Sharma, Vice President in the Australasian Association of Ayurveda has pioneered the practice of Ayurvedic medicine in Melbourne Australia. Her work has been featured live on Television (Channel Ten David & Kim Morning Show) and various community radios, and she regularly publishes articles in magazines and newspapers. She is a sought after speaker, giving talks to packed audiences across the Australia on Ayurvedic healing and lifestyle. She does various worships and retreats on mindfulness meditation and Ayurveda.

    Dr Vanita created Vibe Ayurveda as a holistic health and wellness centre to provide expert diet and lifestyle guidance with pulse diagnosis and integrative health approach to eradicate the root cause and comprehensively discuss your body constitution and the imbalance caused due to your lifestyle and eating habits.These issues are then addressed by harnessing the 6000 years old life science, Indian Ayurvedic medicine and techniques to give you a stronger mind and body.

    Mission in Life

    Vanita’s mission is to lead a fulfilling life with the purpose of helping and serving others, and to grow by showing humility, kindness and compassion and true humanity towards others and all sentient beings.

    My Practice, My Inspiration

    Her clinic is her source of inspiration and her simple way of doing something “good” for the world. She has worked hard (and still is) at creating her “healing space” and building her practice. “It is the best feeling doing the job you love, nothing beats it. My work is like a worship for me, it teaches me about life, people, and health and for that I am a lucky lady”.

    Her Life, Passion

    She has many other interests including: yoga, animals, the environment, art, reading, writing, cooking, raw food nutrition, organics, and staying inspired.

    Her roots and Values

    Her heritage is Indian but her love is Melbourne, Australia. Much of what has led her to her lifestyle is instilled from her late grandfather and also from her family’s fifth generation lineage in Ayurveda. She has remained true to her roots and her initial vision of living life with a purpose and helping others with her embodied values of ecological awareness and the rich spiritual heritage of Mother India.