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  • Holistic Health in Melbourne

    Founded in 2006 as holistic health and wellness centre, Vibe Ayurveda is an alternative health centre in Melbourne, that offers a wide range of holistic health services and consulting in a traditional Indian Ayurvedic way to the individuals and provide holistic products.

    The services delivered at the centre are fundamentally based on the concept of wellness- not just the body but mind and spirit, with a holistic approach to address the root cause of the illnesses rather than just treating and fixing the symptoms. The services offered are a right blend of traditional and contemporary practices available to meet the client requirements. The Services offered at the centre mainly encompasses treatments in a traditional Indian holistic way referred to as Ayurvedic therapies and remedies.

    Around the world, with a growing impetus for a paradigm shift people are changing their ways of taking care of their health in this emerging global wellness market. The concept of wellness is changing over the time and along the continuum hence people are taking a proactive holistic approach in terms of wellness.

    9am Interview with Dr. Vanita Sharma